Cork PVC

Cork PVC, the SIDEF patent that has imposed a standard.

Cork PVC is a foamed product with cork particles as additive, which gives the product particular aesthetic and lightweight qualities (the specific weight after foaming is 0.8). The material can be worked as common foamed PVC and its use does not require any special arrangements during the molding phase. The product has unified qualities in terms of hardness and color.

The super-light PVC is reported to be characterized by low density and particularly attractive flexibility for footwear application. It is customizable in hardness and color to meet our customers’ individual application needs and it’s completely recyclable. As the versatile properties of this material make it valuable to many industries, we offer a wide range of products for molding and extrusion in the technical product sector.

Super light PVC

Super light PVC: the most versatile and customizable.

PVC Compound for molding


soles, boots, slippers, sandals, moulds, cork mixture, standard and microcellular foamed PVC

PVC Compound for extrusion

PVC Compound for extrusion

pipes, profiles, seals, films and sheets